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Resources for League Programs and Studies
  • LWVWC Lifelong Housing Resources

    prepared for the February 2017 meeting.

  • LWVWC Mental Illness and the Judicial System Resources

    prepared for the April 2014 meeting. Updated 8/2015.

  • LWVWC Fraud Prevention for Seniors Resources

    prepared for the March 2014 meeting.

  • LWVWC Arkansas Voter ID Resources

    prepared for the February 2014 meeting. Updated 10/2014.

  • LWVWC Fayetteville Shale Play Resources.

    Updated 12/2013.

  • LWVWC Immigration Resources

    for the April 2013 meeting. Updated 2/2015.

  • LWV Privatization Resources

    for the Spring 2011 meeting and LWVUS study. Updated 12/2011

  • LWVWC Transportation Resources

    for the April 2011 meeting.

  • Resources on Rising Child Poverty in Northwest Arkansas

    for the 2010-2011 LWVWC study. Updated 2/2011.

  • Redistricting Resources

    for the Sept. 2010 meeting.

  • Health Care Reform Resources

    for Jan. 2010 meeting. Updated 6/2012.

  • LWVAR Transition from Foster Care to Adulthood Study Materials

    for a consensus meeting on Dec. 16, 2009. Updated 6/2010.

  • LWVAR Providing State Tax Incentives for Land Conservation Study Materials

    for the 2008 state study.

  • National Immigration Study materials

    for the 2006-2008 LWVUS study.

  • Arkansas Public Policy Panel
  • Hispanic Women's Organization of Arkansas
  • Mental Health America in Northwest Arkansas
  • American Association of University Women
  • Women's History Coalition of Washington County