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League Programs on YouTube

View the League's excellent programs on shale economics (October 2013), watersheds (September 2013), immigration law (April 2013), the Common Core Education Standards (January 2013), and cyberbullying (October 2012) on the Internet.

I would take this info and break it out to the respective Issues pages for each issue rather than grouping them as they are here.

And then on the Links page there are also some links to info on issues.  I _think_ those links on the Links page are redundant when they are covered on the front page, but I haven't had time to check each one.  So there is work to do to shape up the individual Issues pages.  I would suggest you do what you can with those and I will go over it and see if I catch anything to change.

10) there are several news items at the bottom of our old front page.  I would put them in reverse chronological order, newest at top, under a new section under News & Events on the new site.  I think you could name it "Event Archives." We will probably want to group things here that are events we have been involved in, but that are not specifically about one of our issues (our core work, so to speak).  As "Upcoming Events" age out, we can move them to the "Event Archives."

  • Arkansas Public Policy Panel
  • Hispanic Women's Organization of Arkansas
  • Mental Health America in Northwest Arkansas
  • American Association of University Women
  • Women's History Coalition of Washington County