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LWV Mission Statement: The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.
6 Ways the LWV has Impacted Your Life
by LWV President, Elisabeth MacNamara
Volume 62, Number 3                      April/May 2015
APRIL 18 Arkansas LWV State Convention U of A Law School @ 10am
May 20 LWVWC
Annual Meeting
First United Presbyterian Church @ 5:30

A New Look at Governing the LWVWC

Joyce Hale

In March the LWVWC board met in a retreat to start a conversation about alternatives to the traditional governance of the LWVWC.  The nominating committee was unable to find individuals willing to accept offices.  Many organizations have transitioned to a team approach that shares duties more broadly. 


The LWVUS has recognized this problem and suggests a Team Leader format which consists of four to six leaders who oversee the duties but they can rotate among the team as individual's time allows.  Two set positions are spokesperson and treasurer.  Minutes, agendas, programs and other activities can be filled with flexibility of the team.


The board has listed all activities and functions LWVWC now considers necessary and desirable and grouped them under standing committees.   A pilot program to test this for one year is proposed.  Three committees will be responsible for carrying out their duties and activities or see that they are assigned to others.  Every board member will be part of one committee but could also assist when needed with activities in other committees.  LWVWC members who are not on the board will be encouraged to volunteer to work with committees when certain activities need additional assistance.


  • Administrative Committee = Responsible for operating functions of the organization 
    • Agendas, convene meeting, minutes, orientation, internal/external communications, budget, delegate/representative selections, record management, and maintenance of signup sheets.
  • Membership Committee = Responsible for all membership maintenance and recruitment
    • Updating national membership roster, Fed and state reports, membership payments, renewals, phone tree, hospitality and outreach, and fund raising.
  • Program Committee = Responsible for programs and advocacy
    • Program planning, publicity, calendar, program supplies and venues, Voter, Facebook, Website and publications.

This pilot proposal will be offered at the Annual Meeting May 20 for consideration and approval in place of the traditional election of officers.


Razorback Greenway Now Open!

Run, Bike, Walk, or Stroll from Fayetteville to Bentonville

The LWV of Washington County supports public transportation and has worked to encourage regional and alternative transportation.  We are thrilled to live in a community that now includes a regional trail system.  The Razorback Regional Greenway is a 36-mile, primarily off-road, bicycle and walking trail that extends from the Bella Vista Trail in north Bentonville to south Fayetteville.  The trail links communities and a variety of destinations.  The trail has been years in the making, and is now open for all.

If you are interested in learning more about the Razorback Greenway, you can read about its history here.

If you're interested in hitting the trails, follow this link to a detailed google map.

Annual Meeting


May 20th

5:30 p.m. at First United 

Presbyterian Church


Please join us for the most important meeting of the year!


Fabulous food will be served beginning at 5:30 p.m. and our program will start at 6:00.  Dr. Pearl Dowe will explore contemporary and historical civil rights issues in Arkansas and across the country.  Find out more about Professor Dowe here.


The business meeting will be short, sweet, and significant.  We will elect new board members, set our priorities for the coming year, and update members on events at the state and national level.  


Is there an issue that is important to you?  What can our League do to strengthen the community and support an informed, involved electorate?  We need your ideas!!




Don't worry! It will be a great meeting with wonderful food, compelling public policy ideas, and an interesting program! 


The Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters, as part of their responsibility to membership, presents the minutes from last year's annual meeting.  Please click the link below to catch up on what we've been up to!




Also, below is the proposed budget.  


Program Topics Selection for 2015-2016

Joyce Hale

LWVWC program topics are proposed from the membership at the Annual Meeting.  This year's pre-program planning brought out so many ideas that they will be grouped by categories.  The top three categories showing the greatest member interest will be developed for next year's public programs or activities.  If you find one of these topics particularly compelling, let us know at the Annual Meeting or contact Joyce Hale.  Members are encouraged to help develop program content.



  • How Do After School Opportunities Rank

Meeting Community Needs

  •  Revisiting Common Core 2-Years Later
  •  K-12 Students with Mental Health Disabilities


  • Trails and Parks
  • A Regional Approach to Open Space Planning
  • Tour of the Illinois River Watershed Partnership 

Educational Sanctuary


Social Issues

  • Cost of Child Care to Parents and Community
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Gangs
  • Mental Health Advances
  • Long-Term Care Choices and Community Impacts in an Aging Population
  • Mental Health Court
  • Prison Reform Issues of Over Crowding and Privatization

Political Topics

  • Work with Hispanic Youth to encourage parents to vote
  • Developing a Voting Tool Kit for middle school students
  • Arkansas Dream Act
  • Citizen Rights to Access Information

Nominating Committee Report

Libby Wheeler, J.P. Peters


The Nominating Committee submits the following slate of board members for the League of Women Voters of Washington County.


Two year Terms (to be elected):        

  • Sally King
  • Carolyn Mahady
  • Susan Rausch - Treasurer
  • Karen Rollet-Crocker
  • Mary Alice Serafini
  • Lynne Seymore
  • Laura Kellams
  • Kelly King
  • Nancy McCartney - Secretary
  • Rita Officer
  • J.P. Peters
  • Libby Wheeler

One year Terms (have been appointed)

  • Nancy Denn
  • Jennie Echols
  • Glenda Patterson
  • Gorgia Ross

Under the new organizational system that is being proposed, there will be team responsibility for the duties formerly performed by the offices of President and the two Vice-Presidents.


Nine (lesser-known) Reasons Everyone Should Join the League

Kelly King



9. The Jackets.  Just look at those jackets.


8. We take public policy seriously.  Very seriously.


7. We meet in castles.


6. Did I mention the castles?


5. There is a very good chance that Joyce Hale will prepare food for you.


4. Let me repeat: Savory layer cake with homemade rye bread. And Joyce Hale made it for you.


3. When not debating voter services issues, we discuss the German word for 'froth,' which is schaum, by the way.


2. The LWV gets things done.  Got a public policy problem? Yo, we'll solve it.  Study, Educate, Change, Repeat.  We like to study in this simple library.


1. We have our own petit fours.  That's right. LWV petit fours.

So, please, if you haven't renewed your membership, click here.  And, if you would like to be a part of one of the most important, nonpartisan advocacy groups around and haven't yet joined, click here.



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